Thursday, March 6, 2014

Arend 'Ari' and Nana

I could talk about Ari stories forever - his lovable, adventurous, hilarious, smart and one of a kind self provided us with many memories of him to cherish for many lifetimes over.

But of all these vast amount of Ari stories - the thing that most stood out about our little bear was his awesome capacity to love others and amazing ability to comfort.

Ari could sense a sad heart immediately - he could hear a silent tear from 10 feet away - if someone, anyone was in need of comfort - Ari would immediately drop or walk away from anything in order to go to whoever was in need of some magical, comforting, amazing Ari love.

We thought we'd have our Ari forever - he was the most full of life little man we had ever seen.  Each one of us loved to talk and dream about the great plans we were confident Ari would someday accomplish.  Ari is and was and always will be so loved - but even greater than was the amount of love Ari gave back.